Wharram was near the summit of the line and was provided with a water column consisting of a water tank on a brick base. Numerous alterations were carried out to enlarge the station buildings during the 19th century. A timber lockup warehouse was provided in 1881 and in the the 1890’s the platform was raised removing all evidence of the earlier low platform.

Wharram was the second busiest station for freight on the line handling barley, wheat, oats, livestock, coal and chalk and limestone from the adjacent quarry where there were private sidings. The goods yard was on the up side of the line to the south of the station and comprised four sidings with further sidings serving the quarry, two loading docks, coal drops, weighbridge and weigh office. The sidings were controlled by a ground frame on the platform.

Our thanks to Nick Catford of the excellent Disused Stations website for permission to reproduce this information.