During 2020 we have successfully “Trebled the Track” and a bit more besides so that we now have over 1000 feet of track (or around 330 yards) and are now all the way to the end of field 2.

All we need now is to finish off the siding so that we can connect the coach to the mainline and run our engine up and down both the mainline & siding, using our new points that we have had installed very recently.

We actually have all the sleepers and the chairs that we need, all we need now is 540 feet of actual rail (2 x 270 feet) and a number of fishplates along with some vital nuts & bolts – the rail we hope to buy is at a very favourable price so all in all we just need an extra £3000 to get this over the line!

To help us get to our £ 3000 target, simply donate to the “Finish the siding” campaign through Virgin Money Giving, by visiting this page.

Alternatively, please send a cheque payable to “Yorkshire Wolds Railway” to:

“Finish the Siding”
Yorkshire Wolds Railway
Fimber Halt
Beverley Road
East Yorkshire
YO25 3HG

If you need anymore information, please email

Thank you so much for your support, it really IS appreciated !