The diesel-hydraulic shunter, purchased from a site near Doncaster, has now been delivered to our site!

The locomotive was built in 1979 by GEC Traction, a British company founded in 1972 but which could trace its lineage right back to Robert Stephenson & Co. GEC has since been subsumed into the French Alstom company. Carrying works number 5576, the locomotive was one of only three of this design built for Shotton Steelworks. Its career has seen it operate around the country, including at the Clydesdale Steelworks in Glasgow and on a number of contracts while owned by the Tarmac construction company. Most recently, it was owned by Trackwork Ltd and based at HMP Doncaster where it was used to help train prisoners in engineering.

After much negotiation with both the prison and its vendors, the locomotive finally arrived mid afternoon on 24 April, and although it is in working order, it still undergoing thorough testing.

Originally, there where 3 of the same type of loco built – all of which where for use at the Steelworks. Since then, one has been scrapped, one is now on our line, and the other is still in regular use on the Docklands Light Railway in London called “Kevin Keaney”.

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