First item of rolling stock welcomed at Yorkshire Wolds Railway
The Yorkshire Wolds Railway today took delivery of the first item of rolling stock at its Sledmere and Fimber site. The coach, built in 1957, is to be restored and will form the basis of our planned Visitor Centre near Sledmere, East Yorkshire. We hope to open the Visitor Centre to the public during 2013.

The coach is a British Railways Mark I Brake Gangway (BG) coach. This design of coach was generally used as a guard van and luggage store, and as such consists of large internal spaces rather than seating compartments, which makes it ideal for use as the YWR Visitor Centre. It is about 18 metres / 60 feet long and weighs 32 tonnes. The coach had previously been owned privately and based at the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway. The purchase of the coach has been funded out of existing reserves and by generous loans and donations from our members.

3 thoughts on “First rolling stock delivery arrives

  1. Steven Hearn says:

    Hi , i am a member and was wondering how and when i could do anything , i am a bus driver for East Yorkshire in Driffield and i get some weekends or days off in the week , as i live in Bridlington its hard to find out when to turn up and offer work, i did a lot of bank work on the Mid Hants Railway in the eighties and am willing to help in any way, could someone tell me when members are their so i can turn up , i am a member .
    Kind regards
    Steven Hearn

  2. Alan Cooper says:

    Hi, I was given a years membership by my Daughter for xmas after I spoke to two guys at the farmers market. I dont know anything about steam engines except that they make a great noise and look terrific! Like Mr Hearn I am also wondering how and when I can do something to help. I do have some DIY skills, but my main asset is time and a willingness to get involved. I am retired so could be available almost anytime. Also like Mr Hearn I would like to know how and when I can meet other members and get involved!

    Heres hoping,
    Alan Cooper

    PS My membership no is 212 which you will find is in the name of my daughter. I’ve tried to rectify this but so far have not had a replacement card.

    PPS I visited the site today and took some pictures. It looks like there may be some work to do!!

  3. gavin says:

    Steven and Alan

    You will find information about working parties is posted in the forums at (Discussion Forum link in menu at top of these pages).

    As members, you are both entitled to have access to a special members only area of the forums. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so and I will ensure you are given access to this.

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