At last night’s meeting, the committee accepted the resignation of Peter Dymock as Chair and Committee Member of the Yorkshire Wolds Railway. Peter explained in his resignation statement that due to competing demands on his time he no longer was able to devote the attention needed to the YWR. He had volunteered to chair the organisation at its inauguration back in 2008 but felt that now was the right time to hand the reins over to someone else. Peter remains committed to the YWR and will continue to offer his help and support whenever he is able to do so.

The committee members are elected by the membership at our Annual General Meeting, but the officer posts within the committee are elected by the committee members themselves. Therefore, the first item on last night’s committee meeting agenda was a round of elections to those officer posts. I, James Russell, was elected as the new Chair of the Yorkshire Wolds Railway. I see the role of Chair as one that provides a public figurehead to the organisation, and therefore one that fits well with my current (and continuing) role as Media Officer. Elections to the remaining formal officer posts resulted in no change to the status quo: Phil Robson will remain as Vice-Chair, Ivan Merino as Secretary and John Lidster as Treasurer.

I would like to thank the Committee for putting their trust in me as the new Chair of YWR. Part of my reason for seeing the role of Chair as a figurehead is that we already have a fantastic committee who do fantastic work behind the scenes, and I see no reason to make any major changes in the way the committee works. That said, I will of course discharge my duties as Chair to the best of my ability, and will always be glad to receive advice, support and guidance from anyone involved in the railway who has more experience, skills or knowledge than I do.

On behalf of the Committee, and I am sure on behalf of the wider membership of YWR, I would like to pay tribute to Peter Dymock for the role he has played in getting us this far. Peter’s willingness to take a leading role at the establishment of the YWR and over the last few years has been a vital catalyst for the progress we have made as an organisation. While many people have played an important role in our work, all of them vital in their own contributions, I do not think it would be an overstatement to say that without Peter putting his head above the parapet right at the beginning, and without his leadership since then, we would certainly not be where we are now, and might well not exist as an organisation at all.

Thank you, Peter.

James Russell
Chairman/Media Officer
Yorkshire Wolds Railway

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