The society’s second open meeting took place upstairs at the Old Lodge Hotel on Old Maltongate, Malton on Thursday 5th March.

Hosting the meeting tonight once again was our Chairman, Peter Dymock, who opened the meeting and welcomed everybody present.

Again for the benefit of new attendees, committee members introduced themselves and gave a little information about their backgrounds.

Current progress reports were received from committee members including an interesting comment from our Treasurer that East Yorkshire had come bottom in an english tourist survey and that it needed new attractions in order to increase visitor spend in the county.

Various society members brought with them a fascinating collection of artefacts about the M & DJR including photographic albums of the line in it’s heyday and during and since closure as well as station and track plans to name but a few.

These treasures certainly went down well with those present poring over them in great detail!

Finally, it was good to see another two new members recruited tonight.

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