Photographic Talk – 31st October 2013


A gentleman who was a guard on the line during 1957 and beyond will be sharing stories and photographs from his time on duty.

The talk is on Thursday 31 October at 7.30pm at the Old Lodge, Old Maltongate, Malton.

Entrance is free for members or £3 per person (£2 for concessions) and everyone is welcome. There will also be the chance to find out more about the railway and to talk to the committee.

Everyone is welcome, and we are able to provide limited transport to and from Driffield Railway station if required. Please call 01377 338053 for details.

A poster for the event can be downloaded here

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  1. Romeld says:

    We were told by Cllr Lyonette, in February at the cycle forum, that the bridge would be built “next month”.After 5 years of being told “next year” or “next smuemr”, I didn’t hold my breath.At March’s cycle forum, at which Cllr Lyonette was not present because it clashed with a full Council meeting, we were told that that information was not correct.It is also not the Council’s fault. Obviously.

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