New photos added to Wharram and Garton station along with tickets to Tickets Please!


Please have a look at the new photos added to the Wharram and Garton station page along with Tickets Please! 

Click on the place name to have a look!

If you know of anyone with photos or stories from the line – please get in contact. We would very much like to hear from you!

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  1. Peter Todd says:

    In the 1950’s my father and I would regularly travel to Fridaythorpe and we would try to get to Garton Slack in time to see the passing freight. In those days, always a steam engine with a friendly waving crew.

    Often, when the train appeared in Driffield Station and take water at the column on the Brid platform the crew would let us onto the footplate and sometimes take us for a ride up to Wandsford Road. It was years before I learnt the reversing lever was not the handbrake.

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