New Photos added to the Burdale Station page


Please have a look at the new photos added to the Burdale station page.

Click on the place name to have a look!

If you know of anyone with photos or stories from the line – please get in contact. We would very much like to hear from you!

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  1. Ken says:

    Why do l get the feeling Jim was shut down for tlenilg the truth? l listened to Jim on 2gb then listened to him on 2ue..l did hear David Oldfield is switching times so maybe Jim is returning to 2gb l hope so,he is the teller of truth,and would be sadly missed if he dropped away altogether!!Thankfully we still have his website!

  2. That’s a clever answer to a tricky question

  3. Laylita,Thanks! I’ve been a fan of empanadas since before I can remember, and everywhere I go I have to try them! I just recently made some for a family in Hawaii using Opa, a yummy white fish. They were a big hit, and your recipe had been what helped me get a new perspective on making the dough. Muchísimas gracias! =)-KaitikiHi Kaitiki – Thanks for the feedback, fish empanadas sound delicious!

  4. Bate certo com a nossa percepção. Face ao sucesso do meu abandono do vício vários amigos meus copiaram o processo e a técnica. Só parte conseguiu e aquilo que diz “bate” com os casos mal sucedidos.

  5. GORGEOUSSSS Tina!!! These are so so beautiful! I love that the skies were grey that day and with the wind…it makes the beach romantic. And I love her wind swept hair! Denise, you are beautiful!

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